Teaching For God’s Glory-Daily Wisdom and Inspiration for New Teachers


Congratulations! You may have just finished up your student-teaching and landed your first teaching position. You begin to think about your first year with your new students. Student teaching was a great experience, but now you may be searching for answers on how to get started running your classroom.

This practical and inspirational daily guide for teachers was comprised over many years and through interviews with teachers at all grade levels. The collective years of teaching experience interviewed were over 500 years of experience from K-12 educators both in private and public schools across the country!

Teaching for God’s Glory is a daily walk with the new teacher to help the new educator plan for their first years of teaching. The first section, Before the School Year Begins, gives practical advice on ways to set up your classroom, communicate with parents and students, as well as to orient yourself with your new surroundings. The rest of the year is divided into quarters of the year with applicable and inspiring advice and wisdom that new teachers can use right away in their classrooms. At the end of each school week, there is a place for reflection on what worked well that week, areas for growth, and prayer requests for you or your students. This book makes the perfect gift for those starting their career in education. Years later, they will be able to look back and reflect on how much they have grown in their craft!

Teaching for God’s Glory is the book we all wish we had read in college before becoming a teacher. The book gives practical advice and inspiration to those who are in the trenches each day educating our future leaders.


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