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I believe, and I think that you do too, that all teachers play a vital role in a child’s development. All teachers need to feel supported, equipped and confident as they enter the classroom.

Your Work Matters.

Teaching For God’s Glory started out as a simple mindset change: No matter who or what you teach, teach for the benefit of God’s glory. Teaching in today’s climate is more challenging than it has ever been before.

Tyler is here to support educators everywhere by equipping them with resources, inspiration, and belief that they can truly enrich the lives of each child in their classroom.

Teacher Toolkit Blog

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About Tyler

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Tyler Harms is currently a teacher consultant for many K-12 schools across the country. He works to support administrators as well as individual teachers with curriculum development, implementing interventions, behavior supports, promoting self-care, and much more! Before becoming a teacher consultant, Tyler was a special educator teacher for 12 years. He has worked in the elementary and secondary school settings. He is a dedicated advocate for teachers, students and their families.

Tyler completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, MI. He holds two Master’s Degrees in education. The first is in special education, and the other is in Mathematics. 

In addition to supporting students and their families, Tyler speaks to undergraduate students about the transition from student teaching to running their own classroom. He often coaches many new teachers on how to land their first teaching position each year. If you would like to connect with Tyler, feel free to contact him here, on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, or through LinkedIn. If you are interested in improving your craft or support with student concerns, contact Tyler here to see how he can best serve you.

Teaching For God’s Glory-Daily Wisdom and Inspiration For New Teachers

Teaching For God’s Glory is a daily guide and support for new teachers! Each day there is an inspirational Bible verse or quote for reflection as well as advice from veteran master teachers all across the country. The book covers topics such as behavior management, collaborating with colleagues, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Every Friday, there is a page to journal what went well, opportunities for growth, funny things students say, prayer requests, etc. Read more here...

What people are saying:

“Love how this book is broken up into short, easy-to-read sections. Each one gives advice or encouragement that is relevant to that part of the school year. Definitely recommend this for new teachers!”
-Linda Kardamis-Author, Host of the Teach4theHeart Podcast

“This book is full of great advice and encouraging words. Being a new teacher can be overwhelming and stressful but this book makes it way more manageable by giving daily advice and inspiring bible verses. I especially like the built in reflection days. Highly recommend!”
Sydney A., 4th Grade Teacher

Logical, practical and inspiring! While written for a first year educator, the message is relevant for anyone in the educational field! Highly recommend!!
-Bettina, Special Education Director

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Teaching For God’s Glory-Wisdom and Inspiration For New Teachers


Equipping Teachers

Resume and Career Guidance

Tyler will help you to develop a resume that will help get you land an interview for your dream position.

Interview Preparation

Plan, prepare, and perform at your best with interview coaching. Tyler will walk you through these sessions involving practice around what to do before, during, and after the interview in order to land your dream job.


Tyler supports educators with individualized coaching sessions on a variety of topics relate to help you reach your personal and career goals. Tyler also support school districts in developing meaningful mentor programs to help retain and build excellent teams of educators.

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