What We Can be Certain of During These Uncertain Times

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

– Jeremiah 29:41 ESV

The past month we have seen events take place that have put us into unprecedented territory. Everywhere you look on the news or social media there is news regarding the virus that is spreading across the globe. Schools have closed, businesses are are at a standstill, and parents are worried about their children and their own parents. In this time of uncertainty, we can choose to be drawn in to all of the negative that is surrounding these circumstances, or we can find the blessings in these uncertain times.

Connect with Family

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One of the benefits of socially distancing ourselves from others is that we are able to spend extra time with our families than we would not normally get to spend. I find this to be a huge blessing in my life because I have three boys under the age of 6, one of which is 8 months old. To me, I see this as another opportunity to spend quality time with my boys, a time which I will never get back. Although it can be quite inconvenient in many regards, I know I will cherish this time and remember these moments when I look back at this time five and ten years down the road.

Play Outside

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This extended time away from school or the office could lend itself to getting out and exploring the outdoors. Even just getting outside to get some yard work in the fresh air can help improve your energy and your mood. Also, you will be tackling some of those projects that you would otherwise have put off for the evenings or weekends!

If you are home with your own children or trying to provide enrichment opportunities for your students with their families, check out these 31 Outdoor Activities for Kids. I know I will be giving a few of these a try over the next few weeks, and passing it along to my students as well.

Keep in touch with your students, family, and friends

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During this time away from the school or office, it is important to reach out to your students and families that you serve and ensure that they are able to access all of the resources provided. Many internet providers are providing discounted internet services, and curriculum websites are offering free access during this time. One of our local districts put together this great resource to assist parents and educators with a one stop shop for all of the resources for K-12 online learning.

Make sure you are reaching out to your family and friends as well to see how they are doing. If you have some elderly family, friends, or neighbors, it would be awesome if we could step up to help them with things like grocery shopping, yard work, etc. during this time when they are most at risk for this COVID-19.

Be a Blessing to Others

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Although we need to practice social distancing from each other in person, we can still reach out to others to see how we can be a blessing to them. We also have to remember to give thanks for our health and not take anything for granted. Try to enjoy this time away to relax a bit, pick up that book you have put off for a while, and enjoy some quality time with your family. Let’s look back on this time next year as a time that we used in a positive way to help others and center ourselves back to what is really important in life during these uncertain times.

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