Staying Content Will Lead to New Opportunities

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“Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
– Matthew 6:31-33 ESV

Each and every one of us strives for significance in what we do whether that be in our work or personal lives. We want to know that what we do each day matters to someone else. We might not be able to change the whole world, but we long to change our part of the world for the better. Everything in our society tells us that in order to find happiness and self-worth, we must climb up the corporate ladder as quickly as we can. The new job title and money will make you more significant. It is sometimes easy to see others at the top and become envious of their accomplishments, or wonder if we should be pursuing the same path. We each have our own mountain to climb, and the pinnacle will look different for everyone. Wrestling with that truth, and being ok with it, will lead to opportunities and possibilities that you never would have seen otherwise.

You Are Right Where You Need To Be

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I find that staying content is something we all have to work on each and every day. Being content in my opinion is being satisfied with what you have, who you are spending your time with, and what you are doing. Society all around us makes us continue to want for more, no matter if we need it or not. We see others moving up in their positions and we take a second look at our own situation and begin to doubt our own significance. Every social media platform out there has advertising catered to us showing us what we could or should buy next with only the click of a button. It is not to say that we should not continue to strive and grow, but often we are impatient with the timeline we have set for ourselves. We want to move faster to get ahead and in doing so, we are missing out on some great life experiences and memories made along the way.

We should take a new outlook on our current circumstances and instead of wondering why I am not moving forward, maybe we should take a different approach. Maybe there is a lesson in the now that will prepare us and lay the foundation for our future. You are where you are right now for a reason. Take time in this season to learn all that you can, foster great relationships, and serve others. This will help you move onward and upward when the time is right.

Stay Content While Maximizing Your Current Role

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We will wrestle with being content in where we are and what we have (or don’t have) each and every day. I feel that is just a part of human nature. One way to build up contentment is to try and maximize your current role in the home and workplace to build significance. Let’s make the most of what we have while we are here!

Ways to Maximize Your Role and Build the Muscle of Contentment:

  • Live Out Your Values- Go the extra mile in your work to support your co-workers. Support those outside of your department (they will certainly notice!)
  • Ask your Leader for More Responsibilities– This shows hunger and drive to continue to learn and grow within your profession
  • Mentors– While you are in this position or season of life, find a person that can mentor you on where you want to go next and how they got there. Their journey will give you great insight!
  • Prioritize Your Day– Spend 80% of your time and energy with outcomes that will be the most productive and rewarding
  • Family Time– Spend quality time with your family once you are at home without checking email, phones, etc. Be in the moment with your kids- you never get that time back
  • Get Outside– Exercise and just being outside can have an incredible impact on your outlook. Try to spend some time outside each day. Build a snowman with the kids or just sit back and enjoy creation!
  • Write it Down– Write down each day or each week things that you are grateful, lessons learned, what your proud of, excited about, and goals you have in your current season of life. This can be done on a legal pad, a moleskin, or this great 90-day Contentment Journal by Rachel Cruze.

Open Your Eyes for New Opportunities To Serve Others

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As we look to have a servant’s heart to support others around us, new opportunities will present themselves. Colleagues will take notice of how you go above and beyond not only to ensure that you are successful, but that they are as well. Word will spread on what a team player you are and more coworkers and supervisors will want to work with you and give you more responsibility.

Tell others about the goals you hope to achieve and about your passions. These people might be able to put you in proximity to someone who will offer the opportunities in these areas. Give all that you have with a humble spirit and a grateful heart. The rewards for your efforts will be more than new opportunities, but significance in your work and personal life.

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